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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

Our Mission


Chesterton House exists to facilitate the discovery of the intellectual riches of the historic Christian faith, thereby empowering more faithful Christian living.



Chesterton House celebrates life, learning, and the study of all things in grateful response to the God of all creation—Father, Son, and Spirit. Made in God’s image, we are called to love our God and serve our neighbor.  We are also called to conserve and cultivate the world he has made. Whether we study art, engineering, law, literature, philosophy, or physics, we understand that our calling as students and scholars includes discovering what God is disclosing. We seek to be good stewards of our aptitudes and affections for the flourishing of creation and all who live in it; ideally, our work and worship are one.  

Tragically, we have not always been good stewards of this calling. By means of ingratitude, exploitation, and fixing our faith on all the wrong objects, we suffer estrangement where God intended harmony. We witness evidence of this in the fragmentation of self and community, and the abuse and idolization of creation. Christians have often failed to sustain serious reflection on the spheres of life that bear the wounds of this estrangement—including family, church, business, government, and education—resulting in a compartmentalization of faith rather than a holistic integration of faith and learning.

We long for a better world. We also dare to hope for a better world—a world of whole persons, of peace and justice, and of harmony in all creation. Our hope is sustained by God who, according to his ancient promises, is at work in the world renewing and reconciling all things to himself through Jesus Christ. We seek to join him in this work. Historically, Christ’s love for the world has inspired his followers to contribute to the founding of hospitals and universities, the articulation of human rights, and the development of modern science. In keeping with such service for the common good, Chesterton House aims to draw upon the Christian tradition and its resources to enrich academic inquiry and professional practice.