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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell


Have you ever wondered how Chesterton House accomplishes so much with so little? Our secret: amazing, incredible, wonderful, volunteers!

Yep, it's true, much of what happens here, from technology and design work to hospitality and even fundraising, is accomplished by volunteers. 

Interested in helping? Opportunities abound, limited only by imagination.  Here are just a few of the tasks we are looking for help with.

  • Accounting. This is a quiet and behind-the-scenes task, but it's crucial for a well-run organization.  We are currently looking for additional assistance from a CPA with some aspects and details of our bookkeeping and accounting.  
  • Book sorting/ sales.  We have a GREAT volunteer helping us sort and resell mountains of donated books, so you don't need much expertise to help here.  Just some time, a willingness to learn, and preferably a laptop.  
  • Facility maintenance/ repair. We had a guy once. He was SO helpful, and boy do we miss him! We'd love to have more help from a 'handyman' with a little extra time to toss our way.  
  • Fundraising.  You might think that you don't have anything to offer here, but you would be wrong.  Anyone can help. Read more.  In addition to these general opportunities, there are also opportunities for service among those with more specialized skills such as grantwriting or annual banquet planning. 
  • Hospitality.  We do a lot of hospitality, and it's very enjoyable, though it does take time and effort.  This includes everything from hosting visiting scholars in one's home (which saves $300 over two nights!), to helping with food preparation for special events at Chesterton House.  See for example this amazing annual move-in day luncheon put on by the parents of students at one of our sister study centers.  Lots of opportunity here!
  • Landscaping.  What's a home without a little beautification! There are few tasks where a small initial effort has a quicker and more noticeable 'payback.' Have a green thumb? Use it to dial us and we'll show you some great opportunities.  
  • Library management. Yes, it's true, we have a library but no librarian. It's not a small task to keep these books and periodicals organized, but you do get to handle a lot of great, great stuff, so the intrinsic rewards run high.  The 'holy grail' would be getting our library holdings online!
  • Technology.  Technology related tasks include capturing the audio and video of lectures and other events.  This requires some real expertise, but we'd be very glad to hear from you if you have it (we currently hire out all video recording for lack of expert volunteer help).  
  • Wood carving. Yes, if you are a wood carver with a little extra time to whittle away, we are looking for some signage in front of our facility.  

Would you like to discuss how your skills and interests might be applied to help further the project of Christian learning at Cornell? Contact