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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

Wish List

Would you like to support Chesterton House and know exactly where your money is going?

Here are some specific items we need help with, and that you can conveniently sponsor with just a few quick clicks!


$7500: Spiritual Director

This is the expense associated with having a local pastoral assistant available to the men of Chesterton House several hours per week through the year.

$2500: Annual Report Printing

Have you seen our beautiful annual report?  Would you like to take the credit for helping to make it happen?

$1800: Computer

Our capital plan entails the purchase of one computer per year.

$1500: New brochure Printing

For the first time in years, we've designed a new brochure. Now we just need to print it!

$1200: Library Acquisitions

Books, books, and more books for the resource room. This is one year's worth of acquisitions--this is $100/ month!

$1000: Retreat

Food and book expenses associated with our once per semester retreat for students.

$700: Periodical Subscriptions

Like it says--we subscribe to some great periodicals for students, and they all cost money.

$400: "Fusion" Hospitality

Coffee and snacks (and a book) for the campus ministers who meet weekly for prayer at Chesterton House.

$350: Vounteer Appreciation

Gift cards for our wonderful, extraordinary volunteers.

$200: Video License

This license allows us to hold movie nights--legally!

$150: 1/4 page Cornell Daily Sun Ad

We place several ads in the Sun each year, usually prior to public lectures.

$100: Student Coffee Card

Chesterton House staff are provided with $100 debit cards to encourage one on one meetings with students over coffee.