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Life in Christ, Life in the Lab

Dr. Marisa Cristina March
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 7:00pm
120 Physical Science Building
Public Lecture

Dr. Marisa Cristina March is a cosmologist who specializes in dark energy science research, a field that seeks to understand the acceleration of the Universe.  Dr. March is a member of the ground based Dark Energy Survey where she works on supernova cosmology and observes at CTIO’s Blanco Telescope.  Dr. March has worked on galaxy lensing for European Space Agency’s future Euclid space mission, she was a Post Doctoral Research Assistant at Penn’s David Rittenhouse Laboratory and prior to that a Research Fellow at the University of Sussex. Dr. March studied theoretical physics at Imperial College London, where she also carried out her doctoral research on advanced statistical methods for astrophysical probes of cosmology; she also holds a Bachelors degree in Catholic Theology from Heythrop College London.

This lecture is a St. Albert The Great Forum hosted by the Cornell Catholic Community.