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Winter Course for Credit

"The Heart of the Old Testament" with Dr. Elaine Phillips, Gordon College

Sunday, Jan 14, 2018

5:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Class, Public Lecture

"The Heart of the Old Testament: Nurturing Love for God and God’s People" (2 credits)

The foundational goal of all education must be character formation. There is no better resource than the Old Testament with its timeless narratives of God’s perfect faithfulness in the face of human frailty, and the repeated exhortations to embody uprightness as we love our neighbors as ourselves. The moral and ethical issues that we confront in the 21st century are refractions of the same dilemmas God’s people have faced for millennia.

Earn 2 credits in 1 week! 

Register HERE by December 22, 2017!

Evensong & dinner for all students EVERY DAY of the course @ 5pm.

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 About Dr. Elaine Phillips (A Cornell Alumna!)

After receiving her undergraduate degree in social psychology from Cornell University and the Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary, Elaine Phillips, along with her husband, Perry, studied and taught for three years in Israel. Upon their return, they taught at a small Christian junior college outside of Philadelphia from 1979-1992 and Elaine earned her Ph.D. in rabbinic literature from The Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning in Philadelphia. She has taught biblical studies at Gordon College since 1993. She and Perry have continued to take Gordon students back to Jerusalem University College, where they serve as adjunct faculty for the three-week summer study program in historical geography. In addition to field study in Israel, her areas of interest and scholarly writing include the books of Exodus and Esther, biblical wisdom literature, and rabbinic texts. Her book-length commentary on Esther is included in The Expositor's Bible Commentary, edited by Tremper Longman III and David Garland. In 2014, her devotional, With God, Nothing is Impossible, was published by Deep River Books. Her latest book, An Introduction to Reading Biblical Wisdom Texts, was published by Hendrickson Publishing in August 2017.She has received both the Junior and Senior Distinguished Faculty Awards and at the commencement ceremonies in May 2014 was granted the inaugural Distinguished Professor award. She also enjoys music, hiking and all things related to summers in northwestern Ontario.

On Faith & the Environment

Friday Conversation with Dr. David Lodge

Friday, Feb 2, 2018

5:00 pm

Discussion Group

Professor David Lodge earned a PhD at University of Oxford in 1982 and acceoted his current appointment at Cornell University in May of 2016 where he serves as the first Francis J. DiSalvo Director of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future. Professor Lodge serves in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a joint appointment in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences.

As the founder of the University of Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI), where researchers strive to conduct research that matters to society, Lodge's goal is to find answers to the most critical environmental questions of our time. Along with collaborators and partner organizations, he focuses on the interrelated problems of invasive species, land use, and climate change, and their synergistic impacts on water resources. He seeks to provide solutions to minimize the trade-offs between human welfare and environmental health where trade-offs are unavoidable, and discover win-win solutions where they are possible. He has conducted extensive research experience on a wide variety of vectors of invasive species, including ships, boats, canals, and commerce in life food, pets and plants. With numerous collaborators, he have studied Eurasian watermilfoil, rusty crayfish, zebra and quagga mussels, and Asian carp and many other species. My research focuses on ecological forecasting to better inform environmental risk assessment, policy development, and natural resource management. On numerous occasions Lodge has testified before the U.S. Congress and has also served as an expert witness in federal court. He served as the first chair of the U.S. government’s national Invasive Species Advisory Committee in 2000-01, led research on freshwater biodiversity as part of the United Nations’ Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in 2000-05, and led an expert subcommittee providing advice to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on reducing invasions from the ballast water of ships in 2010-11. He is a member of the scientific advisory boards of NOAA and the International Joint Commission. Collaborations with economists, historians, theologians, and philosophers, and has provided him with extensive experience in partnering with organizations such as The Nature Conservancy to help translate and transfer scientific work to the public policy arena. He served as a Jefferson Science Fellow in the US Department of State in 2014-15 and faculty member at the University of Notre Dame for over 28 years.



On Vocation: What's a Student to Do?

Friday Conversation with Dr. Ryan O'Dowd, Chesterton House Senior Fellow

Friday, Feb 9, 2018

5:00 pm

Discussion Group

Dr. Ryan O'Dowd serves as Chesterton House Senior Fellow, including status as both Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Gordon College and Cornell United Religious Work (CURW) Chaplain.  His formal education includes a B.S. in Biology from the U.S. Air Force Academy, M.A. in biblical studies from Reformed Theological Seminary, and Ph.D. in biblical studies from the University of Liverpool (2005).  He has taught courses in biblical and religious studies at Briercrest College, Redeemer University College, and the Paideia Centre for Public Theology. O'Dowd is also the author of a few books including Proverbs - The Story of God Bible Commentary published in 2017.

He also served in the active duty Air Force from 1994-2001 and 2010-13 and in the Air Force Reserves from 2001-2009 and 2013 to the present.  During his second tour on active duty he served as Courtesy Associate Professor of Aerospace Studies at Cornell University, and also served as a member of the board of governors at Chesterton House.  He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and serves as Inspector General at the 514th Air Mobility Wing (Air Force Reserves) at McGuire Air Force Base, NJ.

Ryan is married to the former Amy Gunter of Pacific Grove, CA and they have four children.  Their marriage has included 13 homes in six U.S. states, two Canadian provinces, and Cheltenham, England.  They’re very happy to be settled in Ithaca.

Veritas Forum

On Mental Health

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Partner Event, Public Lecture

On Theology

Friday Conversation with Dr. Max Lee

Friday, Mar 16, 2018

9:54 am

Discussion Group

Dr. Max Lee is a New Testament professor at North Park Theological Seminary and has a passion to prepare students for a lifetime of pastoral ministry through theological education. As a New Testament professor, Dr. Lee enjoys helping students develop the skill sets they need to be better preachers and teachers of God’s word.

Dr. Lee hopes that every person entering his class will walk away with a greater knowledge about the culture and social values of the first century world, a greater love for reading the New Testament in its ancient context, and a greater faith to live out this same gospel message more radically today. Dr. Lee says, “Encouraging students to think critically and theologically about our world, and to apply the Bible in the real-life challenges of the Christian church is my call and mission in life.”

Ordained as a Baptist minister, Dr. Lee has served as a pastor, preacher, college staff member, youth leader, and short-term missionary to Japan. His primary research area is the Apostle Paul in his Greco-Roman philosophical, cultural, and literary environment. He actively preaches and teaches for several local churches in the Chicago area.