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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

The Skinny

  • Every Good Endeavor

    In "Leaf: By Niggle," JRR Tolkien tells the story of a man frustrated by his work. Niggle aspired to paint a beautiful tree set in a forest against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, but he was... continue

  • Self or Person?

    By Justin McGeary

    Who am I?

    A question never asked in a vacuum, this one will have new force... continue

  • Be Ordinary

    At long last, students' end-of-semester studying and stress have yielded to picnics, barbecues, and other festivities culminating in commencement. At one gathering, I... continue

  • Show and Tell

    This piece is contributed by Gary Villa, Spiritual Director of the Chesterton House.

    On a shelf in my bedroom sits a broken pastel blue... continue

  • The Cornell "NO"

    The following reflection is from the late Fr. Bob Smith, a good friend to all of us at Chesterton House. 

    Two weeks ago, after the 9:30 PM Mass in Sage Chapel, I had an experience that has... continue

  • Richard Mouw & Holy Worldliness

    Several years ago, an itinerant evangelist passing through Ithaca advertised a revival meeting that invited guests to "repent from worldliness." Why would one wish to do that, a friend asked me--... continue

  • Vocation, Justice, and a New Creation

    According to a popular parable, an architect asked three bricklayers what they were doing. One said, “I’m working”; the second answered, “I’m building a wall”; but the third responded, “I’m... continue

  • Go With God

    Leaving home for college is no small transition. Much ink has been spilled in advice columns on what to do and what not to do upon arriving at... continue

  • Facebook, Marshall McLuhan, and Easter

    In my previous place of employment, we used a database system that caused no end of headaches for its various glitches. Each time a problem was fixed, two more were introduced. Above the server... continue

  • How Shall We Then Rest?

    Last summer I attended the National Vacation Matters Summit. Sponsored by Take Back Your Time, an organization that advocates for more paid time off for American workers, it was a good place to... continue