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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

The Skinny

  • Postsecularism & the Resurrection

    In December 1999, The Economist published its "millennium issue," including an article entitled "God: After a lengthy... continue

  • Good Food

    Several years ago a graduate student attending a Bible study at our home said, "I'm studying Soil and Crop Sciences, but I'm not at all clear whether or how my faith connects to my studies." I... continue

  • Go With God

    A warm welcome to incoming students. As you unpack your bags, buy your books, and begin navigating campus, we invite you pause and reflect on faith. For students from church-going backgrounds... continue

  • Sex, Drugs, and Chesterton House

    Chesterton House aims to help students prepare for life and to glorify God in all that they think, say, and do. Toward this end, we now offer residential living-learning communities in... continue

  • John Stott, E.O. Wilson, and Rev. Peter Harris

    John Stott is an Anglican clergyman, author of many books on Christian discipleship, and one of the most influential Christians in the world.... continue

  • On Figurines and Festivity

    Once a year, the world turns upside down. Strangers act friendly, music sounds happy, and even grown-ups go sledding while trees come in from the cold. In remembrance of the First... continue

  • Andy Crouch on Christian Study Centers

    Christian Study Centers do not yet have a recognizable 'brand.' As such, they still require explanation. That is why we continue to articulate our vision and mission in our newsletters. Once... continue

  • Intentional Community & Spiritual Formation at Cornell

    The practice of living in intentional Christian community has ancient roots. The early chapters of the Book of Acts, for example, provide a vivid depiction of commitment to community. Today, in a... continue

  • Science vs. Religion?

    "[S]cientists who care about the public knowledge of science . . . should set forth an agenda for dialogue and deprivatization of discussions about religion, one... continue

  • Borlaug

    He is commonly credited with saving as many as a billion lives. By one expert’s calculation, about half the world’s population sleeps better each night for having consumed grain descended from... continue