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  • Desecularization of the Academy

    Time was when goodness, beauty, and truth held together. Back in the fourth century, Augustine held that the Good, Beautiful, and True are united as... continue

  • The Curious Case of Galileo Galilei (in which he does not go to jail)

    The following article recently appeared in
    Sightings, a... continue

  • Easter Prayer of Adoration

    I love Ithaca. Partly because there is no end of creative, interesting, and talented people. But I don't just love the people who pass through. I actually love place itself.

    Here is... continue

  • Talking Sense about Stem Cells

    We talk a fair amount at Chesterton House about the history and philosophy of science. Why? Because we believe that thinking well about science is crucial to thinking clearly about many... continue

  • More than Spam-Makers: Christ, Culture, and Andy Crouch's Culture Making

    Have you ever wondered about the connection between spam (junk email) and spam (junk food)? Spam (Shoulder of Pork and hAM) first became a... continue

  • Culture Making

    Just out from InterVarsity Press, and making a big splash, is Andy Crouch's (Cornell '90) Culture Making. We'll have our own review of the book posted here shortly, but in the meantime here are a... continue

  • On Being and Doing

    I just returned from Envision: The Gospel, Politics, and the Future. The conference was a mixed bag; there were some very good talks and presentations, and there were some of the... continue

  • Michael Ward, C.S. Lewis, and Planet Narnia

    C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia are among the best selling books ever. With over 100 million copies sold, what new could possibly be said about them?

    In his recent book ... continue

  • The Decalogue

    "If God had been a liberal," someone once wrote, "we wouldn't have the Ten Commandments--we'd have the Ten Suggestions." Interestingly, the quote is used both by critics and defenders of... continue

  • Pirates? Swedes just em don't em get it

    The recent conference on The Opening of the Evangelical Mind, convened by sociologist Peter Berger, was outstanding. More on that soon.

    Among his many memorable formulations, Berger... continue