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  • Year-End Update

    Classes are over, the university has held its annual advent service, and I am headed to Boston for a conference entitled The Opening of the... continue

  • Imagination Matters

    On the cover of William Edgar's book The Face of Truth, there is an image of a painting by Mako Fujimura. It is abstract, and, I confess, does not make an immediate impression on me. I... continue

  • Friendship, Heaven, and a Beautiful Marriage

    The following are my reflections offered at the recent memorial service for Christian Anible. Christian was on staff with InterVarsity Graduate/ Faculty ministries, and a founding board member of... continue

  • Living and Learning

    Ostensibly, your college education is about acquiring knowledge and skills to help you get a job and to live life well. It does that, of course. But as all students know, the college years are... continue

  • The Simple Way

    According to the New York Times, there is a "new breed" of... continue

  • Faith & College

    Just a few years ago, nobody seemed interested in talking about religion. How things change. 

    In a much-discussed CHE article from a couple of years ago, Stanley Fish wrote the following... continue

  • Ground Zero, Jazz & Heaven

    I don't know what I would have done if I had been an artist living blocks from Ground Zero, but I like to think I might have done what ... continue

  • The Year in Articles

    Looking back on the year in articles, a few themes emerge. First, evangelicals received a lot of press with respect to politics in general and the environment in particular. Second, atheism went... continue

  • Evangelism and Cultural Activity

    Among the issues that divide Christians, one is the importance of evangelism relative to cultural activity. In an interview in the current issue of Christianity Today, ... continue

  • The Smallest Seeds

    I just received my copy of Chesterton Day by Day, a collection of daily readings from the most quotable of writers. Turning to today, Dec. 13 . . .


    Elder father, though thine eyes... continue