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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

Professional Organizations

Affiliation of Christian Biologists
Affiliation of Christian Engineers
Affiliation of Christian Geologists (ACG)
American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)
Association of Christian Economists (ACE)
Association of Christian Librarians
Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS)
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology (ACTS)
Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art (ASCHA)
Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS)
Christian Educators Association International (CEAI)
Christian Engineering Society (CES)
Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers (CFAMC)
Christian Legal Society (CLS)
Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA)
Christian Neuroscience Society (CNS)
Christian Nuclear Fellowship (Nuclear Science and Technology)
Christian Performing Artists’ Fellowship (CPAF)
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI)
Christian Society for Kinesiology and Leisure Studies

Christian Veterinary Mission
Christians in Political Science
Christians in Theatre Arts (CITA)
Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA)
Conference on Christianity and Literature (CCL)
Conference on Faith and History (CFH)
Engineering Ministries International (EMI)
Evangelical Philosophical Society
Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)
Fellowship of Christian Librarians and Information Specialists (FOCLIS)
Gegrapha (Journalists)
North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW)
North American Christian Foreign Language Association (NACFLA)
Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)
Society for Christian Psychology
Society of Christian Philosophers