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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

Summer Opportunities


Chesterton House is pleased to recommend summer study options that are consistent with our mission of seeking to serve God and neighbor through the stewardship of the life of the mind: 

Acton University (4 day program)

Acton University is a unique, four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society. Guided by a distinguished, international faculty, Acton University is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and integrate philosophy, theology, business, development - with sound, market based, economics.


Au Sable Institute of Environmental Science

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies offers field-based, university-level courses in environmental studies and environmental science at campuses in the Great Lakes region (Mancelona, MI), Pacific Northwest (Whidbey Island, WA), and India with transferable credits to more than 50 colleges and universities. Two summer sessions plus a May session.

C. S. Lewis "Oxbridge" Summer Institute

C. S. Lewis Foundation offers a 10 day summer program only every 3-4 years. Hosted in Oxford and Cambridge, the institute provides a setting for thoughtful discourse, lively discussion, engaging worship, and the transfiguring power of the arts. Faith is deepened and thinking enlivened.

Collegium Institute

Summer Graduate Seminar is one-week residential Collegium Summer Seminar at University of Pennsylvania will address "Seeing Reality: Conversations in Science, Faith & Philosophy." Full funding is awarded to participants.  

Davenant House

Davenant House offers summer programs for evangelical Protestant undergraduates, graduate students, and young adults who are aspiring to positions of leadership and seeking to deepen the intellectual foundations of their faith, in order to equip them for leadership in church, academy, and society. They also welcome educated and irenic seekers hoping to better understand the intellectual foundations of Christian faith.


Center for Public Justice

The Center for Public Justice (Washington, DC), offers full-time internships to graduate and undergraduate students, focused on just government and faithful citizenship.  CPJ is a Christian, nonpartisan, independent civic education and public policy organization.


Praxis Academy

Praxis Academy exists to equip top undergraduate students pursuing entrepreneurship through exposure to successful founders across multiple sectors and geographies, key theological and cultural learning, and a high-caliber peer community.


Regent College (RC) of Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Consortium of Christian Study Centers (CCSC) co-sponsored a program this past summer, which provided scholarship money to potential Regent Summer School students to supply two weeks’ full audit tuition, a food stipend and lodging at Regent’s famous Summer School.


Trinity Fellows Academy

The Trinity Fellows Academy (formerly the Trinity Forum Academy) envisions a growing network of mature followers of Christ advancing the common good through the transforming power of the gospel by bringing biblical wisdom, vocational acumen, and enriching community to bear on the most pressing challenges and opportunities of our generation.

AEI Summer Honors Program

The AEI Summer Honors Program is a series of fully-funded, intensive, one-week seminars in Washington, DC for Christian college students. The program gives students an unparalleled chance to immerse themselves in a particular area of study with leading scholars and policy practitioners. In selective cohorts of 20–25 students, participants will attend a day of core lectures and four days of smaller, discussion-based classes focusing on various topics related to public policy, economics, law, and faith. The honors program will also offer opportunities for students to sharpen professional skills through career coaching, site visits, and networking events.

Various Opportunities with Coalition for Christian Outreach

CCO's Experiential Designs (XD) Team encourages students to participate in creative opportunities for transformation, including adventure, service, and travel experiences and summer leadership projects, where they deepen their faith and hone leadership skills.