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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell


Christianity and Science: From Conflict to Complementarity

Ever since Cornell University co-founder and first president Andrew Dickson White published hisHistory of Warfare Between Science and Theology in Christendom, "warfare" has been employed as a metapher to describe the relationship of science and religion. In recent years, however, historians among others have questioned whether the warfare metaphor was ever really an accurate descriptor.

Event Location: 
226 Weill Hall, Cornell University

Chemist as Complementarian

Robert C. Fay has been a visiting professor at Harvard University and the University of Bologna, an NSF Science Faculty Fellow at the University of East Anglia and the University of Sussex, and a NATO/Heineman Senior Fellow at Oxford University. His interests include the history of Christianity and its connections to science. See his article, Science and Christian Faith: Conflict or Cooperation?

Event Location: 
Robert Purcell Community Center, Wendy Purcell Lounge

The Finite and the Infinite: An Atheist and a Christian discuss Nature, Knowledge, and Faith

What is scientism, and how is it set apart from ‘science’ proper?

What, if anything, sets scientific knowledge apart from other ways of knowing?

How should our scientific practices relate, if at all, to attempts to understand the world in other ways?

What sorts of evidence can or should we use in pursuing understanding of the world outside science?

These are just a few of the questions we'll be posing to our distinguished guests for Cornell's inaugural Veritas Forum.  


Event Location: 
Statler Auditorium

Making Sense of Science from a Christian Perspective

Dr. Ian Hutchinson is a Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT and author of Monopolizing Knowledge.

Event Location: 
Weill Hall, Room 226