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Chesterton House

A Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

The Skinny

  • Michael Cromartie, the Island of Patmos, & Hope

    I first met Michael Cromartie ten years ago at the Emerging Evangelical Intelligentsia Project Conference hosted by Peter Berger at Boston University. It was a remarkable gathering that included... continue

  • Extending the Cosmic Symphony

    In April 2002, the Center for Christian Study at the University of Virginia, which many of us fondly refer to as the mother ship of the... continue

  • Beyond Overwhelmed

    G.K. Chesterton once provocatively quipped, “It might reasonably be maintained that the true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.” C.S. Lewis,... continue

  • David Brooks, Peter Pan, & Louie Rudin (1952-2015)

    In a memorable Op-Ed piece ("The Moral Bucket List"), David Brooks ruminated on what he calls ‘the eulogy virtues,’ which he contrasts... continue

  • Non-Sectarianism Reconsidered

    On April 27th, 1865 New York’s Governor Fenton signed a bill establishing Cornell University as the state’s land grant institution, which, from its founding, has been co-ed and “non-... continue

  • Announcing Purchase of Residential Facility!

    Dear Friends of Chesterton House,

    Exactly two years ago, we announced our first ever capital campaign with a goal of raising $1,350,000 in gifts and pledges by January 2014, including $1,... continue

  • Embrace Place

    When you attend a funeral and hear a eulogy, ... continue

  • Wit and Wisdom

    What are proverbs?  Simply put, they are creative sayings that pass along time-tested advice – “the wisdom of many in the wit of one,” it’s been said. 

    The “wisdom” part usually goes... continue

  • Second Wind Gives Men Second Chances

    A few years ago, Carmen Guidi read a book that changed his life and, in turn, the lives of many others—from homeless men, women, and children to university students and professors.

    Carmen... continue

  • Why Study Proverbs?

    I am now accustomed to the look of disappointed faces when tell people that I study the Old Testament for a living.  New Testament always trumps Old.

    But I’ve started to ask people why... continue