Too often the intellectual life is treated as a separate endeavor from that of faith. With feeble attempts to “integrate” these two as if they were completely distinct projects. Chesterton House courses are designed to allow our faith to come to its full expression through our intellectual work in reading, inquiry, and academic conversation. We devote ourselves to growing in intellectual virtues of wisdom, humility, perseverance, patience, and wonder.

Chesterton House was designated an Oases of Excellence by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) for their recognition of Chesterton House as educating students for informed citizenship in a free society by maintaining the highest academic standards, introducing students to the best of the foundational arts and sciences, teaching American heritage, and ensuring free inquiry into a range of intellectual viewpoints.

Logos Seminar

The Logos Seminar is a biweekly evening noncredit seminar offering students a rare chance to take a guided journey through the classical Christian tradition and its critics, and to hear from world-class Christian scholars. Meetings are on select Mondays 7:30-9pm (exact dates within registration link). Sessions are a mix of foundational study of the classical Christian (and anti-Christian!) texts, fundamental issues in Biblical studies and hermeneutics, as well a (virtual) visiting speaker series hearing from a variety of Christian scholars who apply these traditions to today’s complex world.

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Chesterton Perspectives

Within the Logos Seminar, Chesterton House hosts an array of Christian scholars within the Chesterton Perspectives series. This is an innovative series of interviews with Christian scholars in which they reflect upon contemporary issues. Our audiences hear from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, as scholars offer insights on topics too charged to discuss on the main campus, and conversation is encouraged in a hospitable setting.

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Theological Society

The Theological Society meets to discuss recent academic research on a wide range of biblical, theological, and philosophical areas. These discussions are aimed at an advanced undergraduate or graduate level and aim to satisfy what Simone Weil described as the basic need of the soul: to consider “every sort of opinion, without the least restriction or reserve.” Our dialogues explore the academic writings of visiting speakers in a collegial and cordial setting with a necessary critical eye toward both historic orthodox beliefs and ideas that reign in the contemporary academy, and culture.

Online Courses

Chesterton House offers various online courses available to anyone! Our most recent course was in January of 2024 with Eleonore Stump; Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University. How To Become a Good Person Dante, Purgatorio, and the Transformation of the Human

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Past Courses

God & Happiness

Crucible of Suffering: The Book of Job

Sex, Food & Knowledge: A Christian Approach to Desire

The Heart of the Old Testament: Nurturing Love for God & God’s People

Identity, Community & Vocation

The Gospel of Mark

Wisdom & Worldview in Proverbs

Whose Bible? Which Interpretation? An Introduction to Hermeneutics

Chesterton House Painting