Written by Chesterton House

September 15, 2008

Just out from InterVarsity Press, and making a big splash, is Andy Crouch’s (Cornell ’90) Culture Making. We’ll have our own review of the book posted here shortly, but in the meantime here are a few items of interest:

Christianity Today published Creating Culture, adapted from the book, an extended interview with Andy Crouch, and second, shorter interview.

To see even more, InterVarsity Press has made several chapters of the book available online.

Alernatively, you can watch Andy explain the thesis of the book in a video clip on YouTube.

Gideon Strauss of the Work Research Foundation gives the book a rave review in Books & Culture.

John Seel provides a more critical review at Ransom Fellowship.

There’s lots more on the website Culture-Making.com.

Of course, you can become a fan of Culture Making on Facebook.

Last but not least, you buy a copy at our favorite bookstore–Hearts and Minds Books.

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