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October 5 at 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Chesterton House – 111 and 115 The Knoll

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You’re invited to celebrate the dedication of our newly purchased and renovated women’s residence! Join us for the ceremony at 11 am followed by food (catered by Dinosaur Bar-B-Que!), fellowship and the chance to tour the beautiful new living-learning campus at noon.

Parking Info: The parking lot at the residences will be available for mobility impaired individuals only. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to park on Barton Place, Thurston Ave, or in the lot at the Undergraduate Admissions Office and walk to the residences. If you have questions, feel free to contact Karl Johnson.

In addition to the ceremony and barbeque on Saturday, we will be celebrating God’s provision of our amazing living-learning campus with an exciting lineup of events:

Thursday, Oct 3
Beimfohr-Neuss Lecture on Wonder with Dr. Junius Johnson

Friday, Oct 4
“Public Reading of Scripture” Breakfast
“Sayers Conference” on Vocation
Keynote Address on Institutions with Andy Crouch ’90

Saturday, Oct 5
Facility Dedication Ceremony
Homecoming Barbeque
Evening Performance with Singer Joy Ike

Sunday, Oct 6
Special Guests Preaching at Local Churches

Bread of Life – Vivek Mathew
Christ Chapel – Dr. Junius Johnson
First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church – Matt Brown
New Life Pres – Gary Villa

All events are free but if you plan to come, please register┬áto let us know that you’re coming.

Registered Attendees:

Alex Pothen ’84
Alice Barber
Amy O’Dowd
Anderson Chang ’19
Andrea Lodge
Andrew Schuman
Art Mosher
Bailey Trimmell
Barb Westin
Ben Renberg
Billy Riley
Bob Fay
Bob Pyle
Carol Fay
Carol Nolan ’73
Caroline Hinrichs ’22
Carrie Pollak ’08
Catherine & Andy Crouch ’90
Charles Nystrom ’22
Cheryl and Jim Keller ’84
Chet Mancini ’12
Chuck Tompkins
Clifton Chang ’96
Cole Riley
Conant Schoenly ’12
Danielle Muich ’13
David Johnson ’85
David Thom
David Williamson
Deb Hogue ’55
Deborah Miller ’80
Donna Mueller
Drew Trotter
Elaine & Carl Neuss ’76
Ellen Mosher
Esther Jiang ’16
Felicia Setiono ’16
Francine Barchett ’19
Fred Bassette ’76
Frederick Barber ’87
Gabriel Sudduth ’10, G’20
Gary Villa
Gregory and Asha Johnsen
Hannah Eagleson
Harold “Chip” Wiese ’72
Hugh Gauch ’66
Isaac Han ’11
James Noronha ’09
James Pothen ’10
James Senter ’16
Jay Miller ’79
Jenny Cao ’20
Jim Stouffer
Joann Watterson ’79
Joanne Angbazo ’20
Jonathan Butcher
Julie Johnson ’90
Junius Johnson
Karl Johnson ’89
Karlee Lillywhite
Keith Kressin ’98
Kelly O’Neal ’85
Kevin O’Neal
Laura Lynch
Lindsey Milbrath ’92
Liz Susmann
Lorene Recker-Woodnorth
Marianne Brenner Borja ’71
Mary Johnson ’85
Mary Milbrath
Matthew Brown
Michael Kuhn ’21
Michael McGinnis ’20
Mike Weaver
Natalie Kirchhoff ’21
Nathan Miner
Praveen Sethupathy ’03
Rebekah Milbrath
Robin Ying ’20
Rodolphe Bance
Rosemary Avery
Ryan Larson
Ryan O’Dowd
Sandy Lee
Santosh Ninan
Sarah Hamersma
Sarah Pinckney ’04
Stan Matusz ’93
Stephen Simms ’12
Steve Froehlich
Steve Nash
Steven Felker
Steven Pinckney ’03
Stevie Lazenby
Teddy Yesudasan ’19
Terry Woodnorth
Theodore Mullen ’55
Toby Holda ’20
Todd Lazenby
Vivek Mathew
Wanda Stouffer
Ward Davis
Wendy Larson ’00

Chesterton House Painting