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Fall 2015 Course


August 26, 2015 at 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM EDT


105 Ives Hall

For more information on our Senior Scholar and Course program, follow this link for FAQ

Game of Thrones: Jesus, Caesar, and the Kingdom of God in Mark’s Gospel

(ICS207: Discipleship and Vocation in the Gospel of Mark)


Mark can be thought of as the Quenten Tarantino of the four gospel writers.  Skipping the birth narratives found in Matthew and Luke, Mark begins with Jesus as an adult, preaching about the “kingdom of God” in terms eerily similar to the words used in the inscription for Caesar Augustus.  With Roman and Jewish rule always in the background, Mark races through his story, stopping at critical points to focus our gaze on King Jesus. Because Mark is writing to new Christian converts—probably living in Rome—this course focuses its lens on what it means to be a disciple and to pursue a vocation in a world where God’s rule and human rule are often in conflict.

This 2-credit course* will explore Mark in light of its historical and cultural context, theological background and message, narrative styles and themes, and history of reception. We will learn why, for example, though scholars previously overlooked Mark relative to the other gospels, the book now receives more scholarly attention than any of the others. 

First day of class: Wednesday, 26 August

Last day to add: Thursday, 17 September

Final drop date: Wednesday, 23 September

Final day of class: Wednesday, 7 October

Cost: $200 payable to Chesterton House (If you are on financial aid, we are making this course available at no cost other than a $50 administrative fee.)


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