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Dr. Louis Markos, Professor in English, Houston Baptist University


September 12, 2009 at 9:30 PM EDT


Chesterton House – Residence

Co-sponsored with Campus On A Hill (COAH)

In Orthodoxy, G. K. Chesterton recounts his personal journey to faith; along the way, he exposes the weaknesses of the materialism, stoicism, and cynicism of the modern world. The theme of Orthodoxy is that Chesterton, in trying to put together his own system to explain the strangeness of man and his world, found he had “discovered” orthodoxy; like C.S. Lewis, he found that Christianity not only made sense but had to it the right twist of truth. Although many claim all religions are the same, differing only in their external practices, Chesterton critiques both western-based materialism and eastern-based Buddhism’s excessive introspection and focus on an immanent (rather than transcendent) God.

Only orthodox Christianity, Chesterton concludes, with its doctrines of original sin, the Incarnation, and the Trinity, can both make sense of us and our world and inspire true growth and progress. Only the paradoxes of Christianity—particularly the Incarnation and Trinity—can achieve a higher equilibrium between pessimism and optimism, resignation and willfulness.


Dr. Markos is the author of From Achilles to Christ: Why Christians Should Read the Pagan Classics (InterVarsity Press, 2007), Pressing Forward: Alfred, Lord Tennyson and the Victorian Age (Sapientia Press, 2007), and Lewis Agonistes: How C. S. Lewis can Train us to Wrestle with the Modern and Postmodern World (Broadman & Holman, 2003). He also has published published dozens of essays in reviews in Christianity Today, Touchstone, Mythlore, Theology Today, Clarion Review, Faith and Mission, Christian Scholar’s Review, Christian Research Journal, St. Austin Review, American Arts Quarterly, and The City.

Dr. Markos speaks widely all over the United States, generally on topics related to C. S. Lewis, but embracing more widely the arts, education, and apologetics. He also speaks frequently on Ancient Greece and Rome and on Dante. In August of 2004, he led a seminar on C. S. Lewis at Oxford University; in July of 2005, he headed back to Oxford to deliver a plenary address for the Oxbridge Symposium on C. S. Lewis.

Dr. Markos will also speak during the adult education hour at New Life Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Sept. 13th, at 11:15am. New Life meets in the Women’s Community Building, 100 West Seneca St.

Chesterton House Painting