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Dr. Cornelius Plantinga, President, Calvin Theological Seminary


February 6, 2011 at 11:00 AM EST


411 Willard Straight Hall

Institute of Biblical Studies

The New Testament has many joyful directives on how to get a Christian life up and running and then keep it running: Run the race. Keep the commandments. Strive first for the kingdom. Sow to the Spirit. Follow Jesus. These are all powerful practices which set up and maintain a Christian life. But there’s one practice that yokes believers to Jesus Christ in his greatest work. The key to it is the sober truth that Jesus Christ did not die and rise alone. Believers share in these events in painful and glorious ways. In five sessions, the Institute of Biblical Studies will explore how dying and rising with Jesus Christ can yield the virtues that mark a healthy Christian life.


The Patience of Atticus Finch

Why is anger control so characteristic of those who have been raised with Christ? Why is patience so classic an example of anger control and therefore of Christian virtue? If patience is both fruit of the Spirit and also our calling, how may we answer our calling?

The 9:00am and 10:45am services are combined worship of Bethel Grove Bible Church and New Life Presbyterian Church.


The Institute of Biblical Studies is co-sponsored by Chesterton House, Bethel Grove Bible Church, and New Life Presbyterian Church.

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