Public Reading of Scripture

T U E S D A Y S   |  12PM   | Sage Chapel

F R I D A Y S   |   9AM   |   111 The Knoll


Join us this semester for our Public Reading of Scripture Events
and enjoy a free meal!

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What is the Value of the Public Reading of Scripture?

As we listen to the text being read aloud,  we are automatically forced slow down and only read at the pace of the reader.

Reading scripture aloud in community is an ancient practice, before books were widely distributed (or easily replicated) the main way these texts were shared was as they were read aloud in group settings.

Reading through the whole Bible offers an experience like no other- no skipping over the uncomfortable or focusing on your favorite verses, parables, or stories.

Every Tuesday! We’ll be here every week this semester, and we can’t wait for you to join us!


“Devote yourself to the public reading of scripture…” I Timothy 4:13


God Speak


Out God's Word


Grow Closer to God

Why join in Scripture being read aloud?

The Bible is a Key

The Bible has had such an impact in the history of humanity, learning more about what it says and teaches will unlock a new understanding to history and literature.

It’s a Biblical Practice

In Scripture we often see God’s people receive God’s Word aloud together as a community.

Spiritual Food

While we are all very aware that we need food to duel our physical bodies, reading scripture is a spiritual discipline we can practice to feed ourselves spiritually.

A Better Bible Strategy

It takes 90 hours to listen to the Bible in it’s entirety, yet hardly anyone every reads through it all. Many of us want to read more of the Bible, but few have a disciplined strategy to succeed. Reading/hearing Scripture aloud in community makes it easy as you listen while you eat and find a small community of people who journey through the Bible with you over the year.

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