Campus Fellowships

Chesterton House collaborates with Christian fellowship groups in several ways

Chesterton House provides speakers for other organizations’ fellowship meetings and retreats, as well as special events such as film viewings and discussions;

Students from various fellowships participate in various Chesterton House activities, such as lectures, conferences, and discussions groups;

The Chesterton House facility is open to others for hospitality and special events;

Chesterton House staff work alongside staff from other Christian groups to mentor students.

“If I become a lawyer, teacher, or businessperson (or other ‘non-clergy’ worker), how can I think and work every day of the week in ways that both glorify God and pursue vocational excellence?’ This crucial question is often contemplated but rarely spoken. Chesterton House addresses it head-on. They skillfully, yet humbly, bring practical perspectives regarding faith and vocation to a campus that often views the two as exclusive.”

Mark A Case PhD, Cornell Navigators, 2000-2004

Undergraduate fellowships

Cornell is home to five Christian graduate student fellowships. Chesterton House works closely with the Graduate Christian Fellowship by cosponsoring a regular roundtable series, and also with the Christian Legal Society and Johnson Christian Fellowship.

Graduate Fellowships

"'What does business school have to do with Jesus? Or what value does the Christian faith bring in the health sciences?’ Many Christians would respond to these questions with confusion or simply shrug in ignorance. But not if Chesterton House has anything to say about it! As a campus minister at Cornell, I consider myself, my students, and the campus blessed to have Chesterton House minister to us by empowering and educating the next generation of leaders to integrate their Christian faith in all aspects of life and academia.”
Stephan Teng, Campus Minister, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Cornell, 2012-